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Monday, April 02, 2012

Internet Explorer usage on the rise

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Everyone who uses a Windows PC at some point has used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser since it comes built into the Windows operating system. At first it was pretty much the only game in town for Windows users except maybe for Netscape which didn’t really pose too much of a threat to Internet Explorer’s dominance. Nowadays there are many more web browsers to choose from such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari and IE has been slowly slipping from the top over the past few years as these other browsers gain ground.

It seems that lately Internet Explorer has regained some of their losses and is actually up 1.2% over the past five months. As of last month, IE was holding 53.84% of the browser market share. Firefox came in second with 20.55% followed by Google’s Chrome browser at 18.57%. Actually Chrome has been on the decline for third straight month. Back in November of 2010, Internet Explorer had around 60% of market share.

This rise in Internet Explorers usage is most likely thanks to Windows 7 and IE 9 and in fact 35% of Windows 7 users are using IE 9 as their web browser. IE 9 seems to over better performance and stability compared to IE 8 which many people were not happy with even though it’s the most widely used browser at the moment overall. IE 9 is also said to be one of the safest web browsers in use at the moment and is a year old this month and has been gaining ground every month since its release.

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