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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May 17th may be the day Facebook goes public

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Facebook has been planning its IPO (Initial Public Offering) for some time now and has been waiting approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission but sources say that the day for this to happen may be May 17th. Back in November of last year, Facebook executives were discussing when they should file the paperwork for the IPO and apparently they filed paperwork for its IPO on February 2. But it usually takes around 12 weeks for a new company to begin trading on the stock market. The SEC prohibits anyone with knowledge of the filings to report anything to the media so nothing is for sure but there has been some talking going on from people in the know.

Facebook’s IPO is expected to be one of the largest tech offerings ever and they plan to raise $5 billion dollars in doing so. Facebook has recently stopped trading in private markets, so their 2.5 billion outstanding shares don’t have any other way to trade until a public offer happens. This also keeps their implied value from getting too much higher than it was on the last close of their trading.

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