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Friday, March 18, 2016

Malwarebytes Coming Out with Anti-ransomware Software

Posted by David Bernstein

If you don’t know what ransomeware is, then hopefully you will never find out. If you know what ransomeware is first hand because you have experienced it yourself then you realize how awful an experience it can be when it makes its way to your computer.

What ransomeware does is infect your computer and encrypt all of your files essentially holding them hostage so you don’t have any access to them. In order to get your access back you need to pay a “ransom” to the people who encrypted your files. These people are most likely overseas where you don’t have any legal means to get your files back. Once you pay the ransom which can be hundreds of dollars or more you will then get a key to unlock your files. Then again sometimes you will pay and never get a key and be out of luck.

Malwarebytes who are known for their effective anti-malware software are developing new anti-ransomware software which is now in beta testing. They bought EasySync Solutions which was the creator of CryptoMonitor and hired its developer to help create their new software called Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware. The software uses proactive technology that monitors what ransomware is doing and stops it before it gets to your files.

If you want to be a beta tester you can go to their site and download the software and run it on your computer. They recommend that you don’t do it in a production environment but rather on a test computer that you don’t have anything important on. As of now it’s kind of buggy but hopefully when it’s done it will be an effective anti-ransomware solution… and also free!

You can try it out for yourself here.