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Monday, July 25, 2011

Scams dealing with Oslo attack and Amy Winehouse death appearing on Facebook

Fake links related to the terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway, and musician Amy Winehouse have been reported on Facebook. The scams are what are known as "survey scams" which use interest in breaking news stories to trick people into clicking links ect. Internet threat research firm Websense Security Labs reported that as many as one user per second was clicking on links claiming to be videos of the Oslo bombing attack.

Also, just days after singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home, a new video scam targeting Facebook users has surfaced on the social networking site. It shows links offering video footage taken hours before Winehouse passed away but these links do not actually contain videos of the Winehouse's final hours, but rather lead to online surveys from which the scammers earn a commission. The survey with promises to show the video after completion, but instead, the user will usually be prompted to enter a phone number or other information that the scammer can use to charge them or extract money from an account. There are also reports of there being a pop-up message that tricks victims into exposing their friends to the scam.

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