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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Google renaming its online services

Google will be re-branding two of its most popular web services, Picasa and Blogger. The new names will be Google Photos and Google Blogs. The services themselves will not change and will remain key components of Google's product family. The idea behind the rename is to not confuse users with services with too many different names. Users of these services may be unaware that they are using a Google product because of the current names used with these products.

The re-branding is because Google wants to unify its services under one name with the upcoming public launch of Google+ coming in about 6 weeks. Google’s various web applications will most likely get the unified treatment, especially the more social friendly elements that will tie into Google+. Currently Google+ integrates photos from Picasa, email from Gmail, and video hosting from YouTube. YouTube should remain untouched because Google Video was already killed off a few months ago.

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