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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CCleaner Windows Cleaning Utility Compromised with Malware

Posted by David Bernstein

The popular cleaning utility Ccleaner (originally owned by Piriform) was recently bought out by Avast and it appears a certain build of the software has been compromised with some Malware. Ccleaner is normally used to clean out temp files and the Windows registry etc. but this specific build does way more than that.

The version in question was released between August 15th and September 11th and the ones you have to worry about are the Windows build that has a version number of 5.33.6162 and the Cloud build that has a version number of 1.07.3191. Piriform says that the reason for the hack was probably to stage a future botnet attack on an outside target which would turn your computer into part of a group of computers making some kind of attack.

The threat has been removed from the software so you should check your current version and if it’s one of the ones listed above uninstall it and go out and get the latest version from the Piriform website.

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