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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mac Attacking Malware Could Steal Your Banking Credentials

Posted by David Bernstein

 If you are an Apple user and thought your computer was immune from viruses and spyware then think again. There is some new malware making the rounds that can infect your Mac OS based computer and do things such as steal your credentials and display fake banking sites and it’s really hard to remove.

This malware is called OSX/Dok and it was discovered earlier this year and it disables security updates and redirects attempts to reach Apples antivirus servers back to the local computer. It can also tell when you are trying to go to your banking site and redirect you to a fake one somewhere else. Once you sign into this fake site your credentials are stolen and it uses your location to determine how it attacks your computer.

Apple uses a program called GateKeeper that is designed to prevent installations of unsigned applications by attaching fake certificates to the malware. Apple is trying to revoke these certificates but there are so many that it’s hard to keep up.

The malware is being distributed by phishing emails that try to fool you into believing you have some sort of tax or financial situation that needs to be taken care of immediately. There will be a zip file attached to the message and once its opened then the infection begins. OSX/Dok is hard to detect and get rid of and for now Apple doesn’t have a security patch so time will tell how bad the infections get.

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