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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google pitches Gphones to Verizon

Google is in discussing with Verizon Wireless options to put its mobile "GPhone" software on Verizon phones.

Most people believe that it's not a specific phone, but is more likely an operating system or software that integrates many of Google's mobile services, like Web search, Gmail, Youtube, and Google Maps, onto phones made by existing handset makers.

Google powered phones will be useless unless the company can strike deals with mobile operators to allow them on their networks. The most likely scenario is that Google is offering Verizon the ability to use its operating system to integrate any applications it wants into its phones.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unlocked iPhones on the rise

Apple Inc. said that almost one out of every six iPhones sold may have been unlocked to run on unauthorized wireless networks. Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook said Monday that 250,000 of the nearly 1.4 million iPhones sold may have been bought by users with the intention of unlocking them.

Some people have been buying five phones at a time at Apple stores in the U.S., modifying the software that locks it to AT&T's service, and then reselling the phones overseas.

Apple released an iPhone software update last month that rendered some unlocked devices inoperable. Apple said Monday that it sold 1.12 million phones in the three months ended Sept. 29.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Windows XP SP3 May Include Some Vista Features

A Web site that leaked details of Windows XP Service Pack 3 over the weekend claimed that the update includes several new features, including some borrowed from Windows Vista.

The service pack is said to include four new features among the 1,000 + individual hot fixes and patches that have been issued since SP2.

Windows XP SP3, which Microsoft has said will be released early in 2008, will be one more move by the developer to extend the lifespan of the 6 year old operating system.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Verizon Unveils iPhone Rival

Verizon Wireless unveiled three new cell phones including a high end handset named Voyager that will compete with Apple's iPhone.

The Voyager trumps the iPhone by offering faster wireless Web access. Butthe iPhone has a large touch screen and full Web browser. Verizon Wireless hopes the new phone will attract customers put off by the iPhone's lack of a traditional keypad. The Voyager hinges open to reveal a small computer keypad and a second screen.

Verizon also introduced Juke, an ultra narrow phone that comes in three colors and is shaped like a chocolate bar as well as the Venus, which comes in black and pink, and has a phone keypad that slides out from under a touch screen.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Microsoft Allows Five More Months of XP Bundling

Microsoft is allowing OEMs and retail outlets to sell computers with Windows XP as customers continue to resist upgrading to Windows Vista.

Microsoft had planned to stop selling XP through OEMs and retailers on 1/31/08, while custom system builders have until 1/31/09 to pre-install XP on machines. But because sales of Vista PCs have not been as strong as expected, OEMs and retailers have asked Microsoft to extend XP's availability. OEMs and retailers will now have until 6/30/08 to sell PCs with Windows XP preinstalled on machines. Retailers also can sell XP out of the box until that time if they choose.

Microsoft had high expectations for customer adoption of Vista, and claimed the launch would be one of the most successful in Windows history. Unfortunately for the company, those predictions so far haven't panned out.

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