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Monday, October 01, 2007

Microsoft Allows Five More Months of XP Bundling

Microsoft is allowing OEMs and retail outlets to sell computers with Windows XP as customers continue to resist upgrading to Windows Vista.

Microsoft had planned to stop selling XP through OEMs and retailers on 1/31/08, while custom system builders have until 1/31/09 to pre-install XP on machines. But because sales of Vista PCs have not been as strong as expected, OEMs and retailers have asked Microsoft to extend XP's availability. OEMs and retailers will now have until 6/30/08 to sell PCs with Windows XP preinstalled on machines. Retailers also can sell XP out of the box until that time if they choose.

Microsoft had high expectations for customer adoption of Vista, and claimed the launch would be one of the most successful in Windows history. Unfortunately for the company, those predictions so far haven't panned out.

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