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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Microsoft downloading Windows 10 setup files to computers

 Posted by David Bernstein

Most of you who use Windows know what Automatic Updates are and how they work. If you don’t then it’s a process where Microsoft will download security and other updates to your computer and install them as needed. Of course there are settings where you can choose to just have the files downloaded and you can install them when you are ready or you can simply be notified of new updates and then download and install them when you want to.

If you are running Windows 7 or 8 you are eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade which will be installed via Windows Update. When your computer is ready for its turn you will see a Windows icon in your system tray by your clock telling you that you can reserve your free copy of Windows 10 and then eventually you will be able to do the upgrade. Now this is fine and dandy if you want to actually upgrade but what if you don’t?

It turns out Microsoft is automatically downloading the installation file to end users computers to stage the upgrade so the files won’t have to be downloaded at the time of installation. The problem is many users don’t want to do the upgrade now if ever and are getting these large files (3GB to 6GB) dumped on to their hard drives without them knowing which can be filling up valuable storage space. Plus if you have an internet plan that allows only a certain amount of data to be downloaded (who still has that?) then you might be at risk of going over your limit and incurring some extra charges on your next bill.

There is a way to remove these files and that’s by finding the hidden folder called $Windows.~BT in the root of your C drive. But the problem is that it will keep coming back when it checks for updates. In that case you will need to uninstall Windows update KB3035583 from Programs and Features. Keep in mind if you decide to upgrade you may need this update back.