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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Surface 3 manual gives away the existence of a Surface Mini

Posted by David Bernstein

Microsoft has been doing pretty well with its line of Surface tablet\PC combos even though their pure desktop Windows 8 sales are not going quite as well as they would like. The Surface Pro 3 is making its ways into consumers hands and along with it a reference manual that you can read on your computer to help you use the thing (if you are the manual reading type).

The downloadable PDF document can be obtained from Microsoft’s website but maybe not for long. If you search for Surface Mini it will come up with 4 hits referencing the device. Normally this would not be a big deal but Microsoft has not yet claimed that any such Surface Mini exists or will be coming out at all.

There have been rumors that the Surface Mini would come out alongside the Surface Pro 3 as a smaller 8 inch note taking type device with a stylus that runs Windows RT. A couple of sources say that Microsoft management decided to pull the Mini at the last minute because they didn’t think it would compete too well with the other mini tablets out on the market today. But there are still rumors that Microsoft is working on a smaller version of the Surface.