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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Microsoft reports over 1,000 Windows 8 compatible devices ready to go

Posted by David Bernstein

With Windows 8 due out any day now, PC and tablet manufacturers are getting their hardware ready to run the latest operating system from Microsoft. It’s hard to say for sure if Windows 8 will be a hit or a flop but hardware manufacturers are getting ready just in case. Microsoft CFO Peter Klein says that they have certified over 1,000 unique Windows 8 systems. In fact, Microsoft is coming out with their own $499 Windows 8 tablet which doesn’t sit will for other hardware manufacturers.

Microsoft needs Windows 8 to be successful since revenue is down thanks to slower PC sales because of the increased popularity of tablets. Their net income came in at $4.47 billion which is 22% lower than the $5.74 billion in the year ago quarter. Revenue was down 8% at $16 billion from last years$17.37 billion. But things may be looking up thanks to $800 million in presales of Windows 8 OS licenses. But with only 4000 Windows 8 apps they have a long way to go to catch up to Android and Apple.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Facebook will let you promote if you are willing to pay

Posted by Jim Bernstein

Just like most websites out there, Facebook is apparently looking for a way to make a buck to keep its investors happy. And many Facebook users are looking for ways to make sure everyone sees their super important and exciting posts. Now there is a way to satisfy both parties.

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to promote to their friends for the right price, similar to how advertisers promote their businesses. This feature can be used to promote big events that you don’t want your friends to miss. Facebook has not released pricing on this new feature at the moment but it’s rumored to be around $7 for the promotion.

Normally your posts are shown in others feeds based on things such as how interesting or relevant it is to other users. But if you pay to promote a post it will get bumped up higher in your friends news feeds so they will be more likely to notice it. Facebook has been testing this feature in 20 countries so far and is bringing it to the U.S.