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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Intel coming out with 75 new “Ultrabook” models

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First there were laptops (or notebooks), then there were netbooks and now the latest craze in portable computing besides tables are Ultrabooks. The term Ultrabook was created by Intel to describe their high end super thin and light notebooks. These types of computers tend to be high powered and offer extended battery life.

Since Intel came out with their Ultrabooks, there have been around 21 models that have hit the market. The next line of Ultrabooks will have new features such as touchscreens to support the new Windows 8 operating system. This will allow you to have a PC-tablet hybrid in a sense. As part of their new Ultrabook push, Intel will also place "Ultrabook experience zones" in retail stores to set apart the devices from traditional notebooks.

Ultrabooks tend to be on the pricey side in the range of $800 and up but Intel is planning on coming out with some less expensive versions under the $700 mark.

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