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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cyber attacks on the rise

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If you keep up on your tech news you most likely know how bad cyber crime has gotten recently. It seems like there is always another new story about how some service, operating system or website has gotten hacked and peoples personal information has been stolen.

In fact, in 2011 cyber attacks increased 81% which is a huge jump. Most of these attacks have been on mobile devices such as Android smartphones as well as on social networks such as Facebook. Android devices have increased in popularity which makes them a target for cyber criminals just like malware attacks the Windows operating system because there are so many computers running Windows out there. Actually mobile attacks have increased 93% in 2011.

Security company Symantec has blocked 5.5 billion attacks in 2011 and have also identified over 400 million malware variants. over 230 million identities were stolen or exposed last year through means of data breaches or lost phones and backup drives etc.

And its not just big companies that are being hit. Now it seems that cyber criminals are going after smaller companies with less than 2,500 employees and even some with less than 250 employees most likely because they tend to be less secure than the larger companies. So be sure to be careful when you do anything online from any device, anywhere!

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