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Monday, March 26, 2012

Microsoft credited for shutting down 2 Zeus botnet servers

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Microsoft is at it again helping to rid the Internet of worms designed to steal your personal information. This is most likely because the cyber criminals behind these botnet attacks use computers running Windows to do their dirty work.

Microsoft worked along side with U.S. Marshals as the performed 2 surprise raids on Internet hosting companies BurstNet in Pennsylvania and Continuum Data Centers in Illinois. They were able to obtain 2 servers used to send out commands to computers that were infected with the Zeus botnet.

Microsoft had files a lawsuit before the raid was done and claims that John Does has been controlling up to 13 million infected computers and used them to steal over $100 million from people's bank accounts. "We expect this effort will significantly impact the cyber criminal underground for quite some time, but cyber crime, like all crime, will always be a societal challenge," said Richard Boscovich from Microsoft's digital crimes unit.

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