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Monday, March 12, 2012

Intel Xeon E5 8 core processor ready for action

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Intel has recently released its latest Xeon processor family named the E5-2600 with a codename of Sandy Bridge. This new processor is said to produce an 80% performance gain compared to the previous Xeon 5600 processors. This new processor series is focused on providing better performance and higher power efficiency (50% greater efficiency). Even though there are 8 cores per processor, by using HyperThreading they have managed to double that to 16 per socket with support for 768GB of RAM. The E5 also comes with the Turbo Boost 2.0 overclocking feature.

The Data Direct component is also in play and it allows network adapters and routers to route I/O traffic directly to the processor cache which in turn reduces power consumption and latency. It also integrates the I/O controller using PCI Express 3.0 directly into the microprocessor which increases the movement of data up to 3 times and reduces latency by up to 30%.

The E5 also focuses on security and uses Intel's Advanced Encryption Standard New Instruction to encrypt and decrypt data running over applications. This along with Intel's Trusted Execution Technology, can prevent data centers from attack. Intel is pushing this processor for use in cloud or online applications as well as virtalization because of its power savings and increased security. Major IT players such as HP, Dell, IBM and Cisco already have plans to use this new processor in their hardware.

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