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Monday, February 06, 2012

Say goodbye to the Start button in Windows 8

It appears that the beloved Start button that we are all used to in previous versions of Windows will now be gone since Windows 8 will be designed to be used with PCs, tablets and smartphones. This was one of the first thing people noticed when they tried out the Developer Preview edition of Windows 8.

The Start button and Start Menu were introduced with Windows 95 and have become commonplace for most Windows users. Screenshots of an almost final Windows 8 Consumer Preview version have shown up on the internet recently and show a Super Bar without the Start button orb that comes with Windows 7.

An active hot corner has replaced the Start button\orb and can be described as a thumbnail like user interface that provides a way to access the Windows desktop and Start Screen regardless of touch or mouse input. PC users have complained that the new interface doesn't make it as easy to navigate when using a regular keyboard and mouse.

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