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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MegaUpload's user data may soon be destroyed

One of the biggest file sharing\storage sites in the world was recently shut down because it was accused of sharing illegal files such as pirated music and software. But on the other side of the story are the people who used Megaupload to store legitimate, legal files for their own personal use.

Now that the United States government has all the Megaupload data locked down, these legitimate users may not be able to get to their files ever again. Megaupload is trying to convince the government to allow users temporary access to their shut down file servers so that they can download their files before they are gone forever.

Megaupload has received a letter from the US Attorney letting them know that the data uploaded to its servers may be destroyed before the end of the week. This decision to delete the user data is because of Megaupload's inability to pay for the servers.

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