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Friday, February 17, 2012

Facebook hacker sentenced to 8 months in jail

A British student who stole sensitive information from Facebook’s internal network has received an 8 month prison sentence for his crime. The prosecutor in the case said was the gravest case of social media hacking to be brought before the country’s courts.

26 year old Glenn Mangham hacked into Facebook's computers from his home in the city of York and stole what is described as “invaluable” intellectual property which he downloaded on to an external hard drive.

Police said that Mangham didn’t manage to compromise any personal user data and that the breach had occurred “over a short period of time” in April of 2011. Police did no give any details about how Mangham was able to break into the Facebook computers.

The statement said that Facebook discovered the breach in May and alerted the FBI, who traced the source of the attack back to Britain. Facebook has spent $200,000 on this particular hacking crime.

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