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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Benchmark Tests for Vista

In order to test the true limits of systems equipped with the Vista OS, a new test was required. With this in mind, BAPCo has quietly rolled out SYSmark 2007 Preview, the latest version of its industry leading benchmark test suite. SYSmark is based on programs commonly used in everyday life.

On the desktop side, the more complicated the system, the more its performance falls when you move from Win XP to Vista. Microsoft Office performance suffered the most during the shift.

For laptops, there was also slower performance with Vista. Unlike on desktops, however, the gap between notebooks actually lessened in some cases in higher end products.

Vista is still the slower of the two operating systems, although that should improve over time. Some of the difference can be attributed to the extra features of Vista using more system resources. That can't be helped until faster and more powerful components are developed.

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