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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 to use the Do Not Track setting as its default

 Posted by David Bernstein

As I’m sure you know, Windows 8 is almost here and that means a new version of the Internet Explorer web browser will be here as well and Windows 8 will include version 10 of IE. But this time IE 10 will be the first browser to have the Do Not Track setting turned on by default.

The Do Not Track feature prevents 3rd party websites from tracking your online activity. Sites that receive the Do Not Track signal from your browser are supposed to honor that request and therefore not track your activity. This feature has been an option that you can enable manually but many people don’t know how to do it or even realize that the option exists. If it’s enabled by default then way more people will be using private browsing than ever before.

This may be good for IE end users since most people don’t like to be tracked but others are not too happy about it. The advertising industry for example likes to track where you go in order to help them know what your shopping habits or interests may be but Brendan Lynch who is the Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft says that Microsoft's is trying to advance trust and consumer privacy online and that people come first.

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