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Monday, May 28, 2012

Middle East targeted in cyber attack

Posted by Jim Bernstein

There has been a recent discovery of a virus that is stealing data from countries in the Middle East such as Iran and Israel apparently since 2010 or maybe even longer. The malware has been called Flame and appears to have been created by a government agency rather than the usual cybercriminal.

Flame has been designed to steal information such as files, audio conversations and screenshots off of targeted systems. Security firm Kaspersky Labs said "The complexity and functionality of the newly discovered malicious program exceed those of all other cyber menaces known to date." Code wise, Flame is 20 times the size of the recent Stuxnet malware that attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It is still unclear who designed the Flame virus and what country it may have come from. Kaspersky is currently working deciphering the virus and it may require other security analysts to help figure it out since is a very complex virus. Both Flame and Stuxnet seem to infect computers by exploiting the same hole in the Windows OS and use a similar way of spreading itself.

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