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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Microsoft to implement silent Internet Explorer updates

Starting in January, Microsoft will automatically update your version of Internet Explorer to the latest version via Automatic Updates. This used to be an optional update but now they will be doing it automatically. Microsoft's reason for this they say is to improve online security by making sure you have the latest version of their browser with all the security features. They also say you have the option to opt out or uninstall IE if you choose.

Data gathered by Microsoft for its security intelligence reports showed that many cyber criminals targeted old or outdated software when they tried to trick people into installing fake updates.

This new automatic IE update will only apply to computers running Windows XP, Vista and 7, and will first be implemented in Australia and Brazil. Computers running Windows XP will be upgraded to IE8, and computers running Vista and 7 will get updated to IE9. You will need to have automatic updates turned on to receive the updates.

If you have previously declined an installation of IE8 or IE9 through Windows Update, you will not receive the auto update of the newer version. There is also the option to uninstall updates and return to the IE installation that came with your version of Windows. Future versions of Internet Explorer will also allow an opt out for automatic upgrading.

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