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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Google+ may reach 400 million users in 2012

Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook when it comes to social networking sites. Although still pretty new, some people are wondering if Google+ will take off eventually or if it will even survive at all. Paul Allen, founder of and independent analyst thinks Google+ will surpass 400 million users by 2012. Keep in mind that it took Facebook 7 years to get to their 800 million users and it may only take Google+ 18 months to get to 400 million.

Allen wrote, “Based on the accelerated growth I’m seeing and all the dials and levers Google can still utilize, and the developer ecosystem that will be developed, I predict that 2012 is going to be a breakout year for Google+ and that it will end next year with more than 400 million users”.

Allen says the growth of the service has really picked up in recent weeks. This growth rate would put it not far behind Facebook in 2ndplace, with about half the users. As of now, Google+ has 60 million or so users. This increase may be because of the ever increasing popularity of Android smartphones and tablets which make it easy to register for Google+ right from the device.

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