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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Xerox Goes for the Green With Crayon-Like Printer Ink

New advances in solid ink technology have paved the way for Xerox's new ColorCube 9200 office printer, a device that uses solid, crayon-like chunks of ink rather than liquid or toner to put color onto the page. The system, Xerox says, can save users money and is less punishing for the environment.

The new ColorQube 9200 could be a significant development in the industry. Its solid ink printer technology can cut the cost of color printing by 62 percent, Xerox claims, and it's also easier on the environment, thanks to less packaging and materials used.

The ColorQube technology represents an advance in solid ink technology that's been used in Xerox's desktop printers for about 10 years. It uses blocky, crayon-like sticks of solid ink that are placed in the printer and then heated. The molten ink flows onto the paper at faster speeds, says Xerox -- speeds approaching 150 million drops per second, or 85 pages per minute. The ink sticks don't need as much packaging, saving landfills and recycling facilities, and the company claims that using solid ink instead of laser printing cuts down on greenhouse gases used by 10 percent.

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