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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

UC Davis seeing more students and faculty choosing Macs

The IT staff at the UC Davis campus has seen significant increases in Mac use among students and faculty. Usage seems to spike around new Apple product introductions, like new iPods and the iPhone 3G. This was revealed as part of the results of an annual survey by US Davis's Computer Lab Management.

Mac use dropped considerably in the late '90s and early '00s, dropping to only 2.3% in 2002. Since then, Mac use among students has slowly increased over the last seven years, back up to 23.4% and trending upward. In the same period, laptop use increased from 12% to 87%. These findings are in line with laptops being a far larger part of Apple's computer sales than desktops, especially among consumers.

Two of the main reasons for the increase of Mac use on campus is theincreased brand awareness and "coolness factor" of Apple and Macs and also its relative dearth of malware and general tendency to be free of crashes or bugs.

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