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Monday, November 10, 2008

Seagate introduces 500 GB self encrypting laptop drives

Seagate announced new full disk encryption (FDE) Momentus self encrypted drives with capabilities of up to a half terabyte (500GB).

As of January of 2005, more than 245 million records had been breached on laptops, with 50% of these breaches occurring in Fortune 1000 corporations, 25% in the military, 16% in higher education, and 9% in the medical field.

Seagate is offering two modes for the drives. Many businesses and other organizations will use bundled McAfee software for hard disk drive detection, encryption policy management, authentication, and security auditing. The 320 GB versions of the Momentus encrypted hard drives are shipping already, while the 500 GB editions are slated for availability next year.

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