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Friday, July 11, 2008

Google, Yahoo to Reach 3 Billion Mobile Phones

With a market size three times bigger than the Internet today, Internet search engines Yahoo! and Google both aim to bring the Internet to about 3.2 billion cell phone users as compared to the 850 million PC users today.

Since Google's business comes mostly from advertisements,enabling Internet like experience in cell phones is very important to them. Google's new cell phone platform, Android, could be "the ultimate Internet style luminated mobile phone" slated to be launched later this year or early 2009. Android is open-source platform for mobile phones. It allows developers to develop Internet-style applications on the phone. It has Internet style application features such as BreadCrumbz, PedNav, Fon11, Enkin, multiple weather applications, and various pocket PC games,among others.

BreadCrumbz is a first-person view navigation for tours and route-finding, while PedNav helps a user plan his foot-based itinerary, incorporating time estimates based on traffic and other variables. Fon11, however, is for social networking with real-time location, presence and status.

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