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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Verizon plans more fiber optic for cities

Verizon Communications is looking toward big cities as the next big opportunity for its Fios broadband and TV service. "Our plan is to cover all of the 3.1 million households in all five boroughs in the next five to six years," Verizon's COO Denny Strigl said.

Verizon is also working to get video franchise approval for the Fios TV service in other large cities. Verizon sees cities as a huge opportunity for the Fios service, which provides high-speed Internet service, telephony, and cable TV service over a super-fast fiber connection.

The company has also doubled the upload and download speeds of its lowest-tier Fios broadband service. The service will now offer 10Mbps downloads and 2Mbps uploads.

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