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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Spartan Browser to Replace Internet Explorer

Posted by David Bernstein

 If you have been following the news of the new upcoming Windows 8 replacement called Windows 10 (yay!) then you are probably aware of how it combines the functionality of Windows 7 with the look and feel of Windows 8. And we are hoping this will be a version of Windows we will want to use this time. You may also have heard that Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and should be out this summer.

For those of you who hate Internet Explorer (and there are many), Microsoft plans to introduce an entirely new web browser into Windows 10 codenamed Project Spartan. Since IE has been getting worse and worse over the years this will be a welcome change to Windows users who want to try something new or users who never install a different browser on their computer because they don’t want to or didn’t know that they could.

Spartan will have a whole new look and many new features, some of which are new to web browsers in general. One of the most talked about is the ability to make annotations on a web page with a stylus pen and then send those notes to other users via Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage. Then these users can view the changes and make their own notes and send them on to others. There will also be a digital assistant that helps you track things such as flights and deliveries all from a bar within the browser. One interesting feature will be the ability to group and categorize your open tabs so you don’t just have a long line of open web pages cluttering your browser window.

We assume Internet Explorer will also be included in Windows 10 for backwards compatibility and for applications that are made to run on IE that may not work on Spartan. We don’t even know if Spartan will be the official name but so far we kind of like it!

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