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Friday, February 28, 2014

Microsoft can’t even give Windows 8 away… or can they?

Posted by David Bernstein

As you may or may not know, Windows 8 has not been a huge success and has been met with resistance by die hard Windows fans who like their start button and start menu. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s operating system designed to work with PCs and tablets but as most of us have found out its better suited for tablets or at least touch screens.

Now it seems that Microsoft may be giving away Windows 8 for free (or very cheap) in what they call “Windows 8 with Bing” in an effort to get more people to use Windows 8 and upgrade from Windows 7. This free version will be very similar to the retail version of Windows 8 but come pre bundled with Microsoft apps and services that they think you would use.

There has been a trend going towards selling services rather than operating systems so this may be a way for Microsoft to get Windows 8 on more devices and make their money on services or applications rather than the OS itself. It may also be a way for Microsoft to compete with cheaper “cloud” based PCs like Google’s Chromebook.

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