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Friday, June 07, 2013

Intel releases new Core processor

Posted by David Bernstein

 Many people couldn’t tell you what processor they have in their computer and may not even care. But if you follow the latest and greatest CPU trends you know how poplar the Intel “Core” line of processors have been all the way from the Core 2 Duo to the i7.

Intel has just released the 4th edition of its Core line called the Haswell. These processors are 15% faster and offer 50% longer battery life than previous models. They will also be used in laptops and desktops because of their system-on-a-chip (SoC) design. Also included on the chip is a graphical processing unit to help with things such as video editing ang games.

Since the Haswell doesn’t require as much power and run cooler it will make them ideal for tablets and ultrabooks. Being thinner also helps them fit into the smaller spaces these devices offer.  As for battery life, the Haswell can actually shut itself down completely and then come back on immediately without the user even noticing.  But on the negative side these processors will be pricey thanks to all the new technology they hold.

These new processors are already making their way into new devices so keep your eyes opened for that Intel Inside logo.

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