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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windows 8 users not using their apps

Posted by David Bernstein

 If you are familiar with Windows 8 you know it’s meant to merge the tablet, smartphone and desktop Windows OS into one that can be used for everything. But if you are a PC user that is used to a mouse and keyboard then this may not be what you are looking for.

Windows 8 has the new “Metro” interface which is better suited for devices with touch screens rather than mice and a new study is showing that PC users without touchscreens don’t seem to use the new Windows 8 apps that are installed on their computer. Research company Soluto found that of the 10,848 Windows 8 devices studied, most of the traditional desktop and laptop users didn’t use a Windows 8 app on a daily basis. This even applied to users that have a device with a touchscreen.

Even many tablet users don’t use one of the new apps daily (56% do). Tablet users open modern apps almost twice as often as desktop users, and people who have touchscreen laptops use modern apps 47% more often than non-touchscreen users. And out of the 10 most used apps, 9 of them are Microsoft apps. This may be because there are not nearly as many third party apps for Windows 8 as there are for Android and Apple. But with more touchscreen laptops hitting the market and the popularity of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet growing this may change.

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