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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secret Google Wireless Plan in the Works

Posted by David Bernstein

It appears that search giant Google may be planning an experimental wireless network at its Mountain View location. This speculation has started because Google has filed an application with the FCC for a radio station for an experimental radio service which will be located at their site.

This is leading people to believe that they are building a super-fast wireless network. The application shows that the system will have 5 to 10 base stations mounted on walls or ceilings and antennas also mounted on walls and directed towards buildings. Google plans to test up to 50 base stations and 200 user devices during a 2 year period.

The wireless experiment will use frequencies allocated to the Educational Broadband Service and the Broadband Radio Service, some of which Clearwire is using for its own mobile broadband service. Google could potentially work with Clearwire to deploy strong indoor coverage without interfering with existing cellular networks. This type of setup could allow people to access the internet on their mobile devices without using their cellular carrier’s signals but it most likely will be some time before we see anything that looks promising for us end users.

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