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Saturday, September 15, 2012

PCs no longer the top user of DRAM chips

Posted by David Bernstein

DRAM chips are used store short term information in personal computers, tablets and smartphones to help shorten the time it takes to process information. Until recently these chips were mostly used in PCs since they dominated the computing market.

Market research firm IHS iSuppli has just reported that only 49% of all new DRAM chips were used to make PCs in the second quarter. This is because of the rapid growth of smartphones and tablets taking over for many peoples computing needs. By the end of 2013, PCs are rumored to need around 42.8% of DRAM chip production with this number continuing to decline as these other devices take over market share.

DRAM chip manufacturers are focusing more of their energy making chips for smartphones and tablets to keep their production and sales levels high. But with Windows 8 coming out any day now we may see a rise in chips made for PCs again.

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