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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

19 million people still don’t have broadband Internet

 Posted by Jim Bernstein

There has been a new report released that states that 19 million people, or 6% of the population live in areas where broadband internet access is still not available. This is an improvement over last year’s estimate of 26 million people.

Out of the 19 million, 14.5 million people live in rural areas where high speed internet access and cable internet access isn’t available yet because the technology hasn’t been put in place. In fact, the FCC is trying to speed up the process to get high speed internet to these places sooner than later. They also raised their definition of high speed internet to 4 Mbps.

There are also millions of people who have access to broadband internet but choose not to subscribe to it. In 2010 the FCC estimated this number at 100 million Americans.

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