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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Google Chrome 12 Adds Security and 3D Enhancements

Google has just released a stable version of their Chrome 12 web browser. Chrome 12 comes just 6 weeks after version 11 was released. This new version boasts many security improvements and 3D enhancements. It features the Safe Browsing behind the scenes protection which will warn users against downloading dangerous files. This feature relies on a database of known malicious sites maintained by Google. Google says they have designed this feature so that it doesn't need to know which sites you visited or which files you have downloaded to be able to detect malicious files.

You can also fine tune the data that websites store on your computer such Flash Player's Local Shared Objects (or Flash cookies), directly from Chrome. This was previously only manageable using an online settings program on Adobe’s website.

Chrome 12 also supports hardware accelerated 3D CSS which developers can take advantage of to implement 3D effects. This essentially means prettier 3D effects for Chrome 12 users. Google says "It means you'll get a snazzier experience in some Web pages and web apps that choose to implement 3D effects."

You can download Chrome 12 manually or if you are a current Chrome user you will get the latest version of Chrome 12 as an automatic download in the coming days.

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