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Monday, May 02, 2011

IE9 passes Opera in browser usage

Microsoft's browser continues to lose share of worldwide usage, but its new IE9 version managed to gain enough usage that new statistics show it surpassing one smaller rival, Opera.Internet Explorer 9 accounted for 2.41% of browser usage in April, its first full month on the market, according to Net Applications. Opera accounted for 2.14%. And IE overall dropped from 55.9% in March to 55.1%t in April.

Two browsers, Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari, outpaced the overall growth in Web usage. Chrome rose from 11.6 percent to 11.9%, while Safari grew from 6.6% to Mozilla's Firefox dipped from 21.8% to 21.6%. Mozilla has its bright spot, too: Firefox 4 accounted for 5.4% of usage overall, though it arrived later than IE9. It runs not just on older versions of Windows, notably Windows XP, but also on Mac OS X and Linux.

Windows, of course, is the dominant operating system used to browse the Web. In April, Windows XP, which can't run IE9 remained the most popular, with 53.2% of usage. Windows 7, in second place, surpassed 1 in 4 Windows users to reach 25.1%.

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