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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30% of Verizon iPhone 4 buyers switched from Droid, 25% from BlackBerry

More than half of all Verizon iPhone 4 buyers switched away from one of the iPhone’s two primary competing platforms in the process, with one in four new iPhone 4 users on Verizon came from RIM’s BlackBerry camp, while nearly one in three came from the Verizon Droid realm.

The first point is that there were clearly a large number of Verizon customers who preferred the iPhone all along but, not willing to leave Verizon, were instead using whatever they considered to be the best of Verizon’s available smartphone options.

The second definitive point is that while more of AT&T’s existing iPhone users may well jump ship once the next generation iPhone arrives or once their contracts are up, very few iPhone users were having bad enough experiences with AT&T that they felt they needed to make an immediate move to Verizon.

The final tidbit here is that while a slight majority of Verizon iPhone 4 buyers were in fact switching away from competing Verizon smartphones, nearly half were switching away from some kind of generic flip-phone or other featureless phones.

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