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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hitachi LG Prototypes 1TB Bluray Cartridge Storage

Hitachi LG Data Storage has developed a prototype data storage device that can automatically back up unused data to Blu-ray Disc cartridges, each capable of holding one terabyte (1TB) of data.

Packed with Blu-ray Discs based on the new BDXL format, each cartridge can hold 1TB of data. BDXL was standardized earlier this year and offers 128GB of storage space on a write once disc and 100GB on a rewritable disc. Each disc contains several recording layers. The system is programmed to run automatic back-ups, transferring little-used data from the hard disks to the cartridge for backup.

For most consumers or professionals the creation of even a terabyte of data would take years, but users working with high-definition video can quickly generate massive amounts of data that needs to be archived. The system is meant for such users.

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