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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzzes Social Networking Scene

Google is making a play for social media users with Buzz, a new tool that enables Gmail users to view media and status updates of friends.

Google Buzz will take advantage of the massive user base of the company's ubiquitous Gmail client. "It will leverage those captive eyeballs as people send emails and messages. Google's mission is to organize the world's information, that is why it exists.

Google Buzz is not going to have a tremendous impact unless Google starts aggregating status updates from Facebook and to a lesser degree, Twitter. If Google is planning to integrate and aggregate, then it will likely meet up with resistance from the social networks.

From a marketing Download Free eBook - The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales perspective, one factor to consider is that if there are any SEO benefits from Google Buzz, people will use it more, Havens said. "Likely, there will be [SEO benefits], since it's Google. Since tweets can raise your SEO -- using appropriate keywords -- likely Google's new social networking app will as well."

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