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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Microsoft's List of Improvements to Windows 7

Microsoft has released a lengthy list of 36 improvements it plans to make to the release candidate for Windows 7, though they didn't provide any details on when that RC might actually be available.

The Windows team separated the updates into nine categories, including the desktop experience, touch, and Windows Media Player. Desktop tweaks received the most attention, with 10 expected changes.

Microsoft has incorporated its "Aero Peek" window transparency tool to the ALT+TAB function to give you a better idea of the items you have open on your desktop.

The RC will also make it easier to open files with a specific program, now allows for 24-39 percent more icons to be displayed before the taskbar scrolls, and makes it easier to see what files are open when items do scroll, among other changes.

The release candidate will also include Internet radio playback that is "more reliable and resilient". Microsoft will also no longer interrupt content playing via Media Player if the user inserts a USB drive.

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