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Friday, November 23, 2007

Spam emails with .SCR File Attachments being sent with trojans

Security researchers uncovered a spam campaign Nov. 19 targeting senior level executives that utilizes .scr file attachments to spread Trojans. Such file extensions are typically associated with Windows screensavers.

The campaign is one of two reported by MessageLabs. The first wave was aimed at banks and financial institutions and claimed to come from the United States Department of Justice; the second, reported some 3.5 hours later, did not use an .scr file and was aimed at a variety of organizations and posed as an email from the Better Business Bureau, said Paul Wood, an analyst with MessageLabs.

Early analysis suggests the attachment installs a backdoor remote access Trojan of some kind, potentially for stealing data. The originating servers appear to be compromised or under the control of the senders. Almost 60 percent are in the United States, and almost 40 percent are in Japan.

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