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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What you need to know about the new Windows Vista

With the latest version of Microsoft Windows coming out in 2007 you may be wondering what is so special about Windows Vista and why should I upgrade? Vista will offer many new features and improve on existing features that are part of Windows XP.

Improved Security
Vista includes Microsoft Defender to fight spyware and Internet Explorer 7 which includes a phishing filter and antispoofing technology, as well as Windows Firewall.

Improved Software Setup and Maintenance
Vista enables you to create and store images which are system software configurations that can be easily replicated on new computers.That means the average time to set up a new PC will be reduced, and upgrading software on existing PCs will be a even easier.

Windows Aero
The new graphical user interface is fast and looks very slick.

Different Windows Vista Versions
Microsoft will be offering multiple versions of Windows Vista: two versions for home use, a business and an enterprise version, and an ultimate edition.

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